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EquiLateral: The Equine-Assisted EMDR Protocol™

EMDR therapists trained in the EquiLateral: Equine-Assisted EMDR Protocol mindfully incorporate equine-assisted interactions within the eight-phased, three-pronged, standard EMDR protocol to become Equine-Assisted EMDR.

EA-EMDR is an animal-assisted approach to EMDR therapy that involves partnering with horses as sentient beings and in a manner that is supported by training, qualifications, ethical practice, and a keen awareness of client and animal welfare.

Sarah offered the first EquiLateral: The Equine-Assisted EMDR (EA-EMDR) Protocol™ training (approved for 15 EMDR International Association Credits) in 2011. Through the protocol, therapists and their clients are offered an experiential approach to EMDR therapy, where the integration of EMDR therapy with equine-assisted interactions is rooted in the Adaptive Information Processing Model (AIP).

Horse leaning up and over the railing to nuzzle the cheek of a woman sitting on the top of the rail.

For the field of animal-assisted therapy, the introduction of Equine-Assisted EMDR specifically, also brings a manualized, phased, equine-assisted model that is informed by an existing research-based standard of practice in trauma treatment.

Sarah Jenkins

MC, LPC, CPsychol
EMDRIA Approved EMDR Trainer and Consultant

I created EquiLateral: The Equine Assisted EMDR Protocol (EA-EMDR) as an approach to equine-facilitated trauma treatment that would truly partner with the equine, but also in a phased and clinically sound manner.

I seek to inspire and empower therapists and their clients while also co-facilitating with horses as sentient beings, and in a manner that is supported by training, qualifications, and ethical practice in trauma treatment

A manualized, equine-assisted therapy trauma treatment protocol, EA-EMDR is rooted in research based EMDR therapy and the clinical best practices of a staged approach to trauma treatment. 

With a passion to promote client and animal welfare, I envision a paradigm shift in the overall field of animal-assisted therapy, where there is a greater awareness of the needs of clients with complex trauma and dissociation.

To do so, I offer my EMDRIA credit-approved EquiLateral: Equine-Assisted EMDR training, educational workshops, clinical consultation, and publications that inspire therapists and their clients.

Sarah Jenkins on horseback